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Who Killed Nancy Johnson Support, The Punk Stains & Jay Groovara band

Date: 22/06/2019

Time: 8pm

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Cost: £10

Headline – Who Killed Nancy Johnson?
Since their first gigs in 2016 WKNJ have developed into one of the most ferocious live acts in the country, with a barrier-smashing approach to performance that has already seen them make forays into Europe. Inspiration comes from early punk and post-punk (Wire, Dead Kennedys), US post-hardcore (Black Flag, Fugazi), as well as current acts like No Problem and Idles - but the sound is all their own. 2019 will see 50+ gigs across the country and the recording of a new album. "Jaw-droppingly good" - Scene Sussex. "Grade A punk rock ecstasy" - Spirit Level.
Special Support – The Punk Stains
The firsts south coast outing for the ‘in you face’ punk cover band searching for filthy lucre
And Introducing - “JAY Groovara Band” dishing out their lumbar folk sexual rock sounds......

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